3 uni assignments on Endometriosis in 4 days

In 2014 I was incredibly sick with Endo and had been for years. At that time I
✖️Couldn’t work due to pain
✖️Barely made it to uni
✖️2nd laparoscopy with shocking recovery
✖️Awful pain and fatigue all the time
✖️Miserable. Flat. Didn’t see a future.
✖️constantly medicated
✖️Cried A LOT

If you told me then that in 18 months
✅I’d be pain free, learned how to self-manage my Endo, healthy, full of energy
✅Legalised a drug in Australia to treat Endo (Visanne)
Started a change.org petition with 75,000 signatures
Built an online community of nearly 8000 incredible people raising awareness of Endo together
✅Froze my eggs
✅Held a conference on Endometriosis at University of Sydney
✅Started my Masters in Health Communication at Sydney University

I would never ever ever ever have believed you in a million years. Ever.

For those of you who are struggling to cope, living in pain, can’t see a way out – I have been there!!

Please Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. Things can change. Things can get better. But what I’ve learned is that they won’t get better by themselves. (Wouldn’t that be so nice?!)

You have to take charge of your health. Learn as much as you possibly can about Endo. Empower yourself with knowledge.
LEARN self-management techniques. Manage you disease so you can get your life back.

The fact that I can go for a walk in the morning, go to class then do other things without collapsing on the couch in pain still amazes me. I’ll never forget what that feels like – To not be able to get out of bed. To not be able to leave the house without a hot water bottle and a blanket. To just cry. All the time. It can feel like it’ll never end.

Seeing a pain psychologist (10 free visits from Medicare on mental health care plan!) literally changed my life.
She taught me CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy – Google it!) which means you do not sit and chat about being sick but actually learn practical ways to overcome pain.

Changing my diet and the way I exercised  ?? changed my life.
Be your own health advocate. We’re all different and what works for me may not work for you but feeling empowered is the best feeling and that comes through knowledge. Don’t feel defeated.

You’re living with an awful, painful, horrendous disease that would bring the strongest person to their knees. ?It’s bloody hard but you can get through it and figure out a way of living with this disease.

If you have Endo, I know you’re a tough b*tch!!!  So stay strong, be in control and own that shit. ?? ?

Syl x

To find out more on how I learned to cope, get our DVD on Endo from EndoActive.org.au

PS anyone wondering why I’m not replying to emails/messages/or blogging … Uni !!!!!