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Birth Control Pills

Today is the day I come off the pill. BIT SCARY! I’ve been on various kinds of OC pills since I was 15 and in the last two years I’ve been taking it continuously every day as per advice from my surgeon to prevent me having periods and try to slow down the growth of the Endo. I’ve never quite understood how the pill can slow down the growth of Endo when it contains oestrogen, which feeds Endo…

I’ve had this date scheduled in my diary for some months now. It seemed like the best day for a number of reasons

– Enough time for my body to recover post-op (had 2nd laparoscopy for endo in April, 2014). Egg freezing takes a toll on the body and I want to be rid of residual painkillers/anaesthetic/surgery nasties

– Gave myself 2 months of ‘preparing my body’ for egg freezing (Naturopath appointments, started taking vitamins and supplements recommended to me for fertility health and curbing the partying as best I could)

– Time to mentally/physically prepare myself for the egg freezing process as this will no doubt take a bigger toll on me than the average woman. This is partly due to having endo, my extra sensitivity to hormones and oestrogen in particular, weaker immune system, being a ‘single 23 year old’ with no life partner for support during this process – that sounds so desperate and sad but I totally didn’t think this would be an issue for me until I went into the clinic and all these unexpected emotions came up! Note: I am a happy, single 23 year old but it does feel weird and a little sad going through this process without the person you imagined starting your family with.

Anyway, I know that coming off the pill could have a huge effect on me – so I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Adios !