Day 4 egg freezing


This morning I had my first ultrasound (and a blood test) at Genea. Despite being an internal ultrasound, (if you’ve never had one before you pretty much lie there looking at a screen where you can see all your reproductive organs in black and white while a lovely woman gently pokes around your insides with a huge lubricated, cylindrical, dildo-looking thing that has x-ray vision. It’s pretty amazing) it was totally fine. No discomfort, no pain. And fascinating!


See? Thumbs up.

Mum and I are incredibly close but it’s so funny how normal is feels for me to have her right behind me taking photos on her iphone while I’m half nude getting probed and scanned and then we giggle about how weird the human body is while I get dressed before we have a cuddle and go get brekkie together. Can’t quite see a father and son doing the same…

To me it feels natural and extremely comforting having her there because she’s my mum and she’s been with me through every appointment and decision and every rough day I’ve had. We’ve been through all of this together so it wouldn’t feel right not having her there – kind of like how one partner would feel without the other during a pregnancy I’d imagine.

Today I was told I have 24 follicles growing – 12 on each ovary, which is great. Of course on the day of collection, not all of those follicles will necessarily contain eggs and not all of those eggs will be mature enough to be frozen and there’s no guarantee that the ones you do freeze will last the thaw if I ever need them. So this is by no means an insurance plan but rather a back-up plan – a “just in case”. A maybe. As brilliant as this technology is, it’s important to remember it’s not a sure thing so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. PUN INTENDED!

Day 4

After the appointment I felt really good – no side effects from anything today. I had enough energy to do lots of work and smash out a gym sesh before spending a romantic night at UTS library finishing a group assignment for uni due tomorrow. This of course was in no way romantic.

Forgot I was even egg freezing today I felt so good. Can’t quite believe I’ve got 24 follicles growing inside me! How amazing.