Day 5 egg freezing


Day in dot points today but you’ll be pleased to read it was a fantastic day. I had buckets full on energy and positive vibes and seriously no effects from the injections… just felt great!

6am woke up wide awake. Worked on stylising my brand new wordpress blog (this one). Crammed in loads of EndoActive work and got carried away with it and lost track of time as usual…
11:45am Gonal F & Centrotide injections – felt completely fine afterwards – no side effects and lots of energy.
12:15 Uni to hand in group assignment
2pm Gym for 1/2 hour session – Kayle Itsines program week 4. Managed to do all 3 resistance training sessions at the gym this week despite everything so I’m feeling very proud of myself for persevering and not giving up. It was bloody hard but I did it and I can feel myself getting stronger every week. When I first started, I could only do push-ups on my knees. Now, I can do 4 sets of 15 lay-down push-ups on my toes in one session on top of a whole bunch of other stuff I never thought I could do – like commandos ! God those are grueling. But getting easier as I get stronger, which feels amazing.
3pm errands, post office, woollies shop – still lots of energy ! And been in a great mood allll day.
4pm onwards – Hours of EndoActive work replying to messages with mum so intense! So many messages! And so many sad, sad stories. She always cries now when she reads them.
No pain at all today, even after a tough workout.
Dinner. Telly. Got bored.

I’ve been listening to guided meditation every night to get me to sleep. It’s soooo relaxing. I’ve become so addicted to the way they make me feel I literally get excited to finish dinner and jump into bed with Pepi snuggled up next to me so I can pop my earphones in, press play, bliss out and fall asleep. God, I’ve changed!