Endometriosis & Syl in the Media

Syl openly talks about endometriosis as much as she can on social media, in the press and with boys at the pub.

LISTEN: Syl co-hosts with The Thinkergirls On KIIS FM for ‘Endo Hour’ with Jackie O and Julie Snook also sharing their endo stories
April 2017

READ: Syl writes for The Guardian – ‘Do mad people get endometriosis or does endo make you mad’?  March 2017


LISTEN: Syl talks about Endo on Triple J Hack with Tom Tilley 
March 2017

LISTEN: Syl Freedman and Dr Sashi Siva discuss Endometriosis with Ed Philips on 2UE’s Health & Wellbeing  March 2017

Canva Syl Freedman

LISTEN: Syl Freedman talks Endometriosis on Thinkergirl: The podcast  May 2016

LISTEN: Syl talks to Jake Morcom about Endo on 2ser  Nov 2016

READ: Syl writes for The Guardian
‘With Endometriosis, shouldn’t ‘let’s get you well’ come before ‘let’s get you pregnant’?’  Feb 2016

READ: ‘It was a matter of social justice’ – Endometriosis activist Sylvia Freedman on a year of driving change  Dec 2015

WATCH: “Endometriosis: Periods aren’t meant to be this painful.”


READ: Syl and Lesley Freedman talk to the Tele about EndoActive’s National Endometriosis Conference at Sydney Uni on May 16, 2015.



READ: Syl Freedman: “Let’s reasses the proposed new Endometriosis test” March 2017

READ: Syl Freedman is ‘absolutely horriffied’ by what CNN published about Endometriosis 2016

READ: “I feel so proud of my body a year after freezing my eggs” 2016

READ: “These two just took on a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company…and won.” 2015

READ: “We fought to get this life changing drug for women. Today it is here.” 2015

READ: “Your daughter’s lying on the floor in the bathroom. I think she has to go home.” 2014

READ: “I’m 23, single, and freezing my eggs. This is why…” 2014


WATCH: Syl and her Mum Lesley appear in a segment on Endo called “The pain of Endometriosis”


LISTEN: EndoActive Conference – Natasha Mitchell from Life Matters talks to Prof Peter Rogers & Dr Geoff Reid – two of the presenters at Syl and Lesley Freedman’s EndoActive National Endometriosis Conference at Sydney Uni on May 16



READ: Update on Syl and her Mum’s Victory on bringing a drug to treat Endometriosis to Australia (full article in December 2014 issue of Cosmo)

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 11.20.38 pm

READ: “An Endometriosis diagnosis turned Sylvia Freedman’s life upside down” August 2015

READ: “BREAKING: Amazing news for anyone with Endometriosis” October 2014

READ: “1 in 10 Australian women suffer from Endometriosis. But there’s something you can do to help” August 2014



READ: “Ten years of agony, two operations and the prospect of never having children: Young woman’s fight to get new drug used to treat her excruciating condition in Australia”

READ: “We won, we beat the big guys!’: Woman who suffers from crippling endometriosis wins fight to force drug company giant to make new medication available in Australia after 75,000 signed her petition”

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 11.46.19 pm

WATCH: “They’re the mother and daughter taking on a pharmaceutical giant… fighting for a drug that could help half a million Aussie women with endometriosis.”



READ: “We Need to Talk About Endometriosis” by Alexandra Coulton ft. Syl Freedman



READ: “Endometriosis on the Agenda”

Al Jazeera - The Stream


WATCH: “Egg Freezing: Putting pregnant workers on ice.”
The Stream explores why some companies are offering the medical procedure to female employees. Syl appears at around the 20 minute mark, injecting herself with hormones



SEE: Our wildly successful petition on change.org
“Bayer, please help my daughter and Australian & NZ women with endometriosis – we want access to Visanne.”



LISTEN: Lesley & Syl on ABC PM Radio
“Patients urge drug company to stop blocking access to pain medication in Australia”

READ: Syl features in Latte magazine by Business Chicks, July 2015





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