President of AMA tells pregnant women worried about their babies ‘have a cold drink’. WTF?!

Newly elected Australian Medical Association (AMA) President Dr Michael Gannon speaks at a press conference at the National Convention Centre in Canberra, Sunday, May 29, 2016. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) NO ARCHIVING

This morning I am FURIOUS!!  Absolutely disgusted with Dr Michael Gannon – President of the AMA – for his callous, disgraceful disregard for women who suspect their unborn baby is in trouble.

Perpetuating the dangerous myth, unsupported by science,that having a cold drink will “wake the baby up” is like saying “getting pregnant will cure endometriosis” and all of us should take a stand and call him out.  You can email him with your thoughts:

You wonder why your health care professionals/ GPs don’t listen to your fears and respond with compassion and respect? This is the guy they’ve elected to represent them.

And he doesn’t want to encourage “armies of women” (direct quote) to go to the hospitals worried about their babies if they cant feel any movement?  Where does this come  from in 2016?  What sort of attitude is that to parents who are rightly concerned that their baby needs help?

“Armies of women”?????  WTF?  Their husbands or partners don’t go with them?  It’s just “armies of women”?  These are his own patients he’s insulting by the way as Dr Gannon is an obstetrician.

Dr Gannon needs to apologise, re-educate his own members who presumably take their lead from him, or step down.

What do you think?

Key points from the ABC article:

  • 600 lives a year could be saved if stillbirth warning signs were better known
  • AMA president says undue emphasis could see “armies of women” with healthy babies presenting to hospital
  • Many parents told decreased foetal movement (DFM) late in pregnancy is normal

Read the full article on ABC here

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