skipped pill


It seemed to have a bit of a lag. Anyway I’d clean forgotten about missing that pill – I should’ve diarised it at the time so I could’ve worked this out on my own but it’s great to have a community of women to talk to about all this stuff ! Comes in very handy 🙂 So I’m almost certain that missing a Visanne pill a couple of days before was what caused Saturday’s (pretty tame) flare-up and all that heavy fatigue. Sunday I was pain-free and just real sleepy. Today I am sweeto burrito.

I’m pleased to report that yesterday, even though at the time I wrote that blog I was so fatigued I was about to give up on my assignments and crash on the couch, I managed to snap out of it and get the job done. I’m so glad I did or else I’d have twice as much work to do today. If you’re tired and you have loads of reading to get through but you’re doing it alone in a quiet room in can be so easy to zone out and nek minnit you’ve been staring at a spot on the wall for 3 hours with dribble dripping onto your page. If this happens to you and you have terrible concentration like me then READING & THINKING OUT LOUD is a pretty good way to stay alert and focussed. Very loud. Loud enough to wake yourself up. I figured out this little trick yesterday and it’s what got me through the paper I had to write last night and yeah I would’ve looked pretty weird but if it helps any of you then yewwww!

That is all. have a gr8 week!!
Syl    x