Syl chats with Julia Gillard

SylandJuliaToday, Mum and I attended a special event at the Mamamia office. (Doing our best to rep EndoActive and our cause wherever we can) The Hon. Julia Gillard came in for a Q and A session about her recently released autobiography, ‘My Story’ and to answer questions from Mamamia readers. She was interviewed by Mamamia’s Editor in Chief – Jamila Rizvi, while a select few (about 40 staff and us) got to sit very close and watch. What a privilege. She spoke so candidly and honestly about a whole range of topics; her life before, during and after being Prime Minister, gender issues, education, policies & politics, that WONDERFUL misogyny speech (which I remember watching live during Question Time while I was interning at Mamamia, on the telly with a room full of women standing, cheering and applauding – it was beyond amazing) and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I had the opportunity to chat with Julia about the 1 in 10 women with Endo and our aim to raise awareness and promote education and early diagnosis through EndoActive. Education is what she is most passionate about and while we were chatting, she was incredibly warm and genuinely interested. We were thrilled to represent our EndoActivists and I’m so excited to be posting this right now – what a moment!

Girl Power!SylandJulia2