I nearly missed my graduation ceremony because I found a lump in my breast.

From hospital gown to graduation gown – I didn’t expect to find myself at the Breast Oncology clinic an hour before my ceremony.
Last Thursday night I was standing in the shower thinking about breast cancer – as you do. It occurred to me that breast cancer runs in both sides of my family and yet I’ve never had a mammogram and have no idea how to check my breasts. So, while the hot water ran over my body I decided to give it a go. Of course I didn’t what I was doing or what to look for but when I inched my fingertips over to the edge of my breast – close to my rib cage – I yelped. OW!! That really hurt. I checked the other side. YOWZER! Same thing. That’s weird.. I thought.
The next day I went to my GP who ordered me to have blood tests in case I had glandular fever. I had the tests the following morning and was told to wait a few days for the results. In the mean time, my upper side boobs were still really sore and I could feel the pain increasing by the day.