Colposcopy #3

Syl RPA Aug 2016

5 September  UPDATE

Results: ‘possible low-grade changes’. This essentially means my body is still fighting HPV but that it is gradually healing. Improved results from last time where I had definite low-grade changes. Good news says my doctor. I’ll have another colposcopy in 6 – 9 months.

18 August
Had a quick trip to RPA for my 3rd colposcopy. This is something I’ve had to do a few times since the pre-cervical cancer scare I had last year.

A colposcopy is kind of like a ‘next level’ pap test. It’s the same deal with the whole scooch down the table, vagina out, feet in the stirrups, stare at the ceiling, drop your knees to the side all while trying to have the most chilled, casual conversation with your gynaecologist about life and the weather and how badly we’re doing in the Olympics while your doctor’s face is 2 inches away from your vaginal cavity.


Hospital Quickie


Tomorrow I’ll be making a quickie trip to hospital to have a Colposcopy because I am a Hospo Head. I actually hate hospitals. A lot. But then so do most people. I’m having this procedure done because I’ve had 3 low-grade abnormal pap smears in the last 12 months so my doctors think it’d be best to have a look around, take some biopsies and make sure everything is sweeto burrito. Normally a colposcopy takes 5 or 10 minutes and is done in the doctor’s rooms but given my track record of “quick, easy, pain-free” procedures turning traumatic, my surgeon has booked me into theater.

I’ll be put under a ‘twilight’ aneasthetic. Doesn’t that sound fun? I love that term so much. I’m visualising a swirly path of twinkly stars with rhinestone studded geese and Harry Potter’s house-elves and Falcor the Lucky Dragon who looks like a giant white dog from the Neverending Story all there to guide me to the Congress of Mythical Creatures. I’m almost looking forward to it now! Anyway the ‘twilight’ means I won’t feel a thing and if my surgeon finds any abnormalities that need lasering or removing then he can do it on the spot. Not gonna lie I did get a bit scared and upset when I first found out. It was a slight shock and the thought of hospital gives me anxiety but I’m feeling ok about it now and I’m sure everything will be cool as a cucumber.    Keep y’all posted on my Hospital Quicke!  x