The BEST Endometriosis DVD is here.

EndoActive’s DVD on Endometriosis is now available from

I so wish I had a resource like this available to me when I was in the throes of despair – not knowing who to turn to for advice after I’d had a million doctor and specialist appointments with no clear answers as to why I was still in pain after 2 surgeries and what I could do to help myself…

This DVD pack contains all the up to date information you need to know about Endo, the best options for treatment and advice on self-management. I seriously encourage you all to get a copy of this. It has the potential to change your life and your experience of pain. In case you’re unaware, this DVD is of the conference which my Mum and I held in May this year at Sydney Uni where we invited 13 of the top specialists int heir field to present the most current, valuable information you need to know about Endo. We did this because we were tired of being in the dark about Endo and we knew the 5800+ people on our EndoActive facebook page were tired too. So we decided to change that and create a resource available to everyone. Below is the list of speakers and topics included on the 2 DVDs. I give a special presentation on living with Endo at the end.

WE DID THIS IS ALL FOR YOU GUYS! JUMP ONLINE AND BUY YOUR COPY NOW!  You will not regret it.   Love, Syl x x x

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