The corporate egg freezing debate & me


Funny how 4 months ago in June, I decided to freeze my eggs and happened to set the date for October. Why October?

This would give me enough time to curb the partying as much as humanly possible for a 23 year old uni student with a deep love to party from time to time, begin a 3 month strict regimen of naturopath appointments and daily supplements to improve fertility health, more time to recover from my 2nd surgery for Endo in April (gotta get those nasty drugs and anesthetics outta the system), time to think carefully about the ramifications of my decision and discuss it with my life coach (she’s a pain psychologist really but more my life coach) and time to prepare and strengthen myself physically, emotionally and mentally for the procedure.

I began to blog about it all here and begin a dialogue on EndoActive’s Facebook page, twitter and Instagram.

Coincidentally, right in the middle of my egg freezing process and in amongst all the hormone injections, a heated debate ignited over the ethics of corporate companies like Apple and Facebook offering female employees free egg freezing as an incentive to work longer and supposedly close the gender pay gap. This has now become SUCH a hot topic just at the time I’ve started writing publicly about my experience – it’s amazing synchronicity.

Hundreds of women and girls with and without endo, a number of guys and a bunch of journos are suddenly coming to me for my opinion on the matter it’s crazy! What great fun though and such an interesting moral debate. Hard to believe I’ve become an ‘inspiration’ to some simply from publicising (what was) my private life and sharing my experiences which in reality are just like thousands and thousands of other women. Sometimes things just happen at the right time for reasons, far beyond whatever you had imagined.

You can read a whole heap of articles about Apple and Facebook paying for employee’s egg freezing here here and here.