Workin’ On Ma Fitness

Today I’m feeling amazing! It IS only 10am and I AM writing this in the bath tub drinking tea and listening to Eminem so how could I not feel good but still…

I was up at 6am (naturally, no alarm) and smashed out a good 40 minutes in the gym. This is actually an improvement for me – as I’ve developed an extreme to extreme personality (which I’m trying to break) I would often train for up to 2 hours in the gym a couple of days a week, crash and burn for days then lose motivation to go. A week or 2 later the cycle would start again. So I was going from nothing to EXTREME to nothing to EXTREME etc. This way, I’m being controlled and consistent and trying not to over-do it just cause I’m feeling good. Living with a chronic disease means I will pay the price for this type of behaviour more than the average person, so it’s important for me to learn good habits now.

Today marks:

Day 5 off the pill

Day 4 of training consecutively, despite pain.

Day 1 of using Kayla Itsines workout plan that I downloaded at 4am a few nights ago when I couldn’t sleep.

I always swore I’d never waste money buying a workout/eating plan when I already have a gym membership at an awesome gym, I eat really healthy most of the time and I should be able to motivate myself!

Having said that, I’ve realised that having no structure in my life, no set goals and no direct plan means that I’ve been doing the same workout at the gym for about a year (very inconsistent due to pain, poor health and subsequent fatigue and lack of motivation). While I’ve stayed in reasonable shape, I plateaued so long ago and while my physique has stayed pretty much the same, my energy levels haven’t been great and my fitness is always up and down.

The other reason I wanted to buy Kayla’s workout plan is because a friend of mine recently told me about her and that she’s come out openly saying she has Endo. While we may have different stages of Endo etc, I felt really encouraged that someone with the same ‘issues’ as me to whatever degree is super fit, healthy and feeling fantastic according to her. So bugger it, may as well give it a go and see how I feel!

She also has an eating plan which I’ll take notes from but mainly stick to my already healthy diet (will try way harder not to cheat eat and cut out regular chocolate and cheese binges).

So far I feel great. It’s only week 1 so don’t wanna speak to soon and I have a tendency to train for one week on, 2-3 weeks off because I have an extreme to extreme personality so ima do my best to go hard and consistent for 12 weeks.

This will be a challenge through egg freezing process as I’m anticipating pain but I’m surprised at how well my body and mind is coping being off the pill for the first time in 8 years! Wondering if this daily training, mindfulness, eating healthier and less, vigilance with supplements and of course being incredibly busy and mentally stimulated with all our work for EndoActive is having an effect on pain. Wonder what I’d be feeling like today without all those things?

Off to Uni x