Lack of awareness and information on Endometriosis #endoactiveawareness

Hey EndoActivists, here’s me talking a bit more about the lack of awareness and information on Endometriosis as part of our ‪#‎endoactiveawareness‬ campaign.

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been making videos for a social media campaign which is part of my Masters in Health Communication degree at University of Sydney. I’m loving this degree so much! I never would have chosen it if it weren’t for my struggle with Endometriosis and starting EndoActive but our EndoActive community has taken me on a path into women’s health and has ignited a real passion I didn’t have before connecting with all of you!

I seem to talk about EndoActive and Endo in ALL my classes and everything I’m learning is so relevant to this community, our cause and addressing the need for a link between healthcare providers, health practitioners and ‘consumers’ (weird word but that’s what patients or lay people are referred as in the health industry).

I’m realising more and more in my studies while I learn about health promotion and health literacy and health communication just how special our page is. Thanks to all of you, we have thousands of personal experiences, incredible stories and devastating anecdotes to draw from which are all extremely valuable pieces of information. We are the connection between doctors and patients and we can help both parties understand each other better.

My Mum / Co-founder of EndoActive Lesley and I so appreciate how willing you all are to share your stories with us in order to get the word out there about Endo. Reading other women’s stories helps others to feel less alone and more understood.

Making these videos has got me thinking of so many more ideas that I would love to do in the future! Maybe something where you guys can submit questions or topics and I chat about them on camera?

I’d love to hear what you guys would like to see more of or any ideas you might have.

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Syl   x x